While you are creating your content, your Timeline gets longer when you add objects: images, sounds, video clips... The length of your Moov increases automatically. However, in the end you may decide to make the content shorter and remove the last few objects. As Moovly does not know your intentions, it will keep the length of your Moov as long as it was before you removed these objects.

Likewise, you may have added a long music file of e.g. 3 minutes but later decide that your content should not be longer than 1 minute.

How do you get rid of the empty space at the end of your video, cut the sound and reduce the length to exactly match your real content? Here are 3 ways to remove empty content from your video:

  • For short videos: Scroll all the way to the end of your video by dragging the little gray bar (just below the Thumbnail bar) to the right. Next, move over the right edge of the Thumbnail bar (2 little arrows will appear) and drag the edge of the Thumbnail bar to the left until you reach the real end of your content.
    Drag the edges of a scene inwards to shorten it
  • For longer videos: Drag the red Time indicator (the red vertical line in the Timeline) to the end of your content, right-click the white thumbnail bar and select "Split Scene". Your video will then be split into two parts. Next, drag the little gray bar (just below the Thumbnail bar) all the way to the end of your video. Move over the right edge of the Thumbnail bar (a “+” icon and a Trash Can icon will appear) and click the Trash Can icon. The second (empty) scene you created will be deleted by this action. 
    For more information about scenes, please take a look at this "What are scenes" FAQ.
  • If you're using a large sound file you can also remove empty content by following these steps: Make sure that your sound continues after the real end of your video (to be sure you can always drag the right edge of the sound bar to the right until the sound is about 10 seconds longer than your other video content). Select the sound bar in the Timeline (the corresponding line will turn blue on the Timeline) and drag the red time indicator to where you want your video to end. Right-click the sound bar close to the time indicator and, from the right-click menu, choose "Cut sound and scene till end". (This menu is only available when the sound is selected on your Timeline.) This however only works if there are no other objects on the right side.
    Select Cut sound and scene till end to shorten a sound and a scene at the same time to makes video editing simple