Within the Moovly Editor, you can upload your own images to your Personal Library. To do this, click the Photo Icon in the bottom left corner of the editor and select an image on your computer.

How to upload images in the Moovly Editor

Once uploaded, you can use these images as objects, and apply any of the standard animation effects to them: e.g. Fly in, Fade out, Move & Zoom, Shift Hand out... whatever makes sense to you.

Please note that the quality of your video also depends on the quality of these uploaded images. If you want to export your video in HD, your image resolution should also be HD quality. For example, if you intend to export your moov as an HD 720p video and you use a full-screen image in your video, your image should have a resolution of at least 1280x720 pixels, or even more if you zoom into it.

On the other hand, uploaded images may also be unnecessary big in size. Nowadays, many digital cameras - even smartphones - produce images that have very high resolutions (e.g. an iPhone 5 shoots 8 megapixel images at a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels), which is even for HD quality video not always necessary (unless, again, you zoom in).
Such images are also large in filesize.
Uploading and using such heavy images in Moovly is possible, but not always convenient: they unnecessarily consume your Personal Library space and may have an impact on the performance of the Moovly Editor, as they also use memory!

In such cases, it is better to first reduce your image size to e.g. 1600x1200 pixels (typically less than 1 MB in filesize) before uploading it to Moovly.

Happy animating!