A Scene is a section of content in the Timeline. Sometimes, you may want to add structure to your content and organize your animation in different sections. This approach may help you in the creation process and also gives you some additional management options while working in the Timeline.
On the Timeline, a Scene is represented as a collection of thumbnails. These thumbnails are miniature views of your content and are generated automatically. Working with Scenes allows you to manage and order your content in the Timeline in an easier way: cutting, copying and pasting content to later moments in time, deleting parts, inserting time, etc.

Click Add Scene to add a new scene to your Moovly video

By default, your content is organized in one Scene. The length of a Scene is automatically adjusted depending on the timing of the objects that are part of it. You can also adjust the Scene length manually by dragging its edges to the left or the right.

To add or delete a Scene, click one of the thumbnails of an existing Scene. The Scene is highlighted and when you hold your mouse over it, two small icons become visible on its right-hand side. Click the “+” icon to add a Scene, click the trash icon to delete the selected Scene.

To move a Scene before, after or in between other Scenes, first select it so that its border turns red (please note that only those objects are included that are fully within the Scene edges - these objects get a red color, too, upon selecting the Scene). Then drag and drop the Scene where you want it to move to:


You can also split a Scene by right-clicking a thumbnail and choosing the option “Split scene”. You can still adjust the timing of a scene once you’ve split it by dragging its edges to the left or the right.

Split an existing scene in Moovly

When your content is organized into multiple Scenes, you can easily cut, copy and paste them from one moment in time to another. With the Moovly Pro license, you can even copy Scenes to your Personal Library and reuse them in other Moovs. This way, you can easily compose new videos or presentations based on parts from other videos.

When your video is in Presentation Mode, the scenes you're not working on will collapse automatically. You can disable the "collapse" option just below the Play buttons.