Text objects share similar properties with graphical objects and are very easy to work with. To add a text object, click the “T” icon in the bar above the Stage. The mouse cursor then changes into a letter T. Next, click the Stage to add a text box. Enter your text by overtyping the words “Type Here”.

Click the T icon and overtype Type here to add text in Moovly

Once you’ve added text, you can start adjusting it. Resize the text by resizing the bounding box around the text. Or, change the font size in the Properties panel on the right-hand side of the Editor. In the Properties panel you can also change the font type, the text foreground and background colors and the alignment of your text.

Notice that the text box expands automatically when text is added. To disable this, you need to define the dimensions of your text box: go to the Properties panel and select the text box on the Stage. Then go to the Properties panel on the right-hand side of the Editor and scroll down until you reach “Fixed Text Box”. Check the box and drag the Width and Height sliders to the left or the right until you reach your desired dimensions for the text box. The text will now fit within the defined text box borders. The size of your text will be adjusted automatically to make it fit within the text box.

Modify text in the properties panel