In certain cases, it might be interesting to use your video as a presentation: remove the sound (you're the presenter) and play the video in short chunks while you're presenting. Moovly allows you to use an animated video as a presentation, and set predefined stops where you want your video to pause automatically.
First put the video in Presentation Mode using the dropdown menu in the Animation Settings:

Make a video and use it as a presentation with Moovly

Once in Presentation Mode, you can put Stop Markers on the Timeline. These are small indicators that appear right above the Timeline.  Stop Markers indicate where your presentation will automatically stop when played – this way you can program and control the progress of your video presentation step by step.  To add a Stop Marker, put the Timeline Indicator (the vertical line) where you want it and click the Stop Marker icon next to the Play buttons.  To delete a Stop Marker, click it and hit your Delete or Backspace key. Adjust the timing of a Stop Marker by selecting the marker and dragging it to the left or the right.

When in presentation mode scenes will automatically collapse

When your video is in Presentation Mode, the scenes you’re not working on at that moment will collapse automatically. This way you can keep a better overview of your presentation in the Editor. Enabling this feature also allows you to manage the timing of your scenes separately. You can open and collapse the scenes that are part of your presentation manually: To unfold a scene, just select the scene you wish to edit or view. To collapse a scene, move your mouse over the scene and click the “-“ icon that appears on the left-hand side of the scene. If you don’t want to use this feature you can disable it by unchecking the "collapse" box just below the Play buttons.

To use the video as a presentation, you can download it as a HTML file. 

When you play your downloaded presentation full screen, you are able to control progress using the arrow keys, the spacebar or the mouse, in the same way you use slide-based presentations.