All objects in Moovly are organized in libraries, which you can find on the left-hand side of the application. Depending on your license, you will have a choice between 2 to 4 Standard Libraries, each having a particular style. Apart from the Standard Libraries available in Moovly, you also have a Personal Library where you can upload:

To upload objects, use the icons at the bottom of the Personal Library. Click the Image icon to upload an image and select it from a folder on your computer. Click the Sound icon to upload a sound or the Video icon to upload a video clip and select the file from a folder on your computer. You can also record your voice by clicking the Microphone icon.

Upload files to your Personal Library

Note: Make sure you possess the intellectual property rights of any media you upload for usage in your animation. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

The amount of objects you can upload to your Personal Library depends on the storage space that’s available for your license.

Once you’ve uploaded an object, you can drag and drop it on the Stage and use it in the same way as standard objects:

  • You can resize and rotate images or video clips, apply standard animation effects to them and adjust their timing
  • When you drag a sound object (uploaded or recorded) to the Stage, it does not visually appear on the Stage but only on the Timeline, where you can adjust its timing and apply animation effects.