The Stage is the area where you compose your content.  It is the canvas for your creation. By default this area is white, but you can adjust the Stage properties and configure the Animation Settings in the Properties Panel. You can view this panel by clicking in an empty area on or outside the Stage.

Adjust the video animation settings in the properties panel.png

Properties you can adjust here include the following:

Dimensions of your animation: You can make animated content in any dimension: for use on computers, smartphones, television screens, websites, and so on. You can make animated videos, presentation, banners, and infographics in any dimension. You can also make a first version of your content in one format, and then duplicate it and change the dimensions to derive a new format from it. 

To change the dimensions of your content, use the drop-down menu to select a predefined content size or resolution: a YouTube video, a standard banner size, a presentation slide size, a smartphone or tablet video, etc.  If your preferred format is not in the list, you can select “custom dimensions” and enter your desired resolution in the Width and Height fields (number of horizontal and vertical pixels).  Confirm by hitting Enter.
Stage Color: Modify the color of the Stage. Click the color box to open the Color Panel and select the desired color.  Please note that this color will serve as your background color throughout the animation.  If you want to switch backgrounds or background colors during your animation, use background objects from the Standard Moovly Libraries (search for “background” in the Search box to find all backgrounds).
Video/Presentation Mode:  Use this dropdown menu to switch between Video Mode and Presentation Mode.  Please note that when you select Presentation Mode, your content becomes interactive, which means that you will not be able to export it as an MP4. 
Autosave: By default, this option is switched on when you create your first video. Every minute, your work is automatically saved on the Moovly servers. If you prefer to switch the Autosave off, please make sure to manually save your work using the Save button in the top blue bar.
Zoom: You can zoom in and out on the Stage using the magnifying glasses top right, or by dragging the slider left or right. You can move the stage and its content by clicking on the little hand in the bar above the Stage.  Next, click, hold and drag the stage to the desired position. Click the arrow icon to go back to editing mode.