Moovly contains a large variety of multimedia objects in various styles. This library already contains over 1000 items and keeps growing every day. On top of the standard animation effects that you can add to every graphical object, many objects have specific animations: a globe that spins, a clock that ticks, a chicken that eats, a man who walks, a car that drives... You can watch these specific animations in the preview window that appears when you move over an object in the Moovly Library.

Moovly currently has 4 standard graphical object libraries, each corresponding to a specific style:

  • The Doodle Marker style (included in the Free, Plus and Pro licenses)
  • The Infographics style (included in the Free, Plus and Pro licenses)
  • The Colorful Cartoon style (included in the Plus and Pro licenses)
  • The Paper Cut-out style (included in the Pro license)

Styles that are not available in your current license are also available on an item-by-item basis in the Moovly Marketplace.

Purchase new objects or libraries in the Markeplace

For some of these styles Moovly also offers extensions: the Extended Doodle Marker Library, the Extended Infographics Library etc. These extended libraries are by default included in the Pro and Business licenses. Free and Plus users can purchase these libraries or items in the Marketplace.

Besides these standard styles, companies or organizations can also have their own custom style in Moovly, with graphical objects that are in line with corporate, brand or other specific style guidelines.  Contact us for more information about custom styles.