Have you seen a Moovly video and would you like to modify it to better suit your needs? You can!
Moovly is an easy tool that allows you create and modify animated videos without being an expert.

Would you like to:

  •     use a video as a template for your project?
  •     add your logo or URL?
  •     add or remove a piece of content?
  •     replace the voice-over track with yours?
  •     translate the video or add subtitles/captions?
  •     change colors, pictures, text...?
  •     do any other edits?

All of this is easy to do using Moovly. These are the steps to take to request an editable copy of a video:

  1.     If you are new to Moovly, sign up and create a Free account.
  2.     Submit your request using the contact form and make sure to include the following information:
  •         Your Moovly user name (email address) 
  •         The title and URL of the video you would like to use
  •         Your objective: describe in a few words how and why you would like to edit this video. 

Within the next 24 hours, we will share the Moovly source of the video with you, so you can copy it, edit it and save it as your own version.
Please note that some videos require a Plus license and/or access to extended libraries within Moovly.