Moovly is GDPR-ready: What does it mean for you?

Times have changed, and so must the law. The General Data Protection Regulation, commonly referred to as GDPR, is clearly the biggest compliance-related regulation to come along in many years. It is a new piece of EU legislation intended to harmonize data protection rulings across Europe, sweeping changes in everything from technology to advertising, medical science to banking.

GDPR finally comes into effect on May 25 and applies to any company that uses data to offer goods and services or that uses certain data to track online behaviors within the EU, despite the company?s location. Surpassing the borders, GDPR now holds worldwide consequences, making it imperative for anyone in charge of processing or controlling personal data.

It is created as an update to the previous data-related laws that were initially ratified in 1995. Now, it is a wide-ranging piece of legislation with the new guidelines that represent a much better fit to the modern, technology-ruled environment. 


Take a look at our updated Privacy Policy to understand the full transparency we provide when processing data that is related to you and the content you create using Moovly.

Or to save yourself some time, you can also watch this short video, explaining the roles Moovly and you, our user, have within the GDPR guidelines.

Moovly is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. Information we collect is obtained in order to offer you a more consistent and personalized experience in your interactions with Moovly, as well as to inform you about our services and products relevant to your needs. Moovly collects your personal information to also improve its sites and services, such as:

  • providing you a more effective customer service
  • making the platform easier-to-use by eliminated the repetitive filling of information
  • performing research and analysis aimed at improving the platform
  • displaying content and advertising that is customized to your interests and preferences

Still need to inform your employees about the GDPR changes?

The following video is an awareness video for employees, created by Wolters-Kluwer and Moovly. The video can be used by any organization that wants to inform its employees about GDPR and can be adapted easily by all Moovly users with a yearly Pro subscription.

For more information about this customizable video, follow the link.

Moovly is GDPR-compliant, giving its users a greater control and transparency when it comes to their personal data that Moovly is processing. If you have any further questions regarding statements mentioned above, don?t hesitate to contact us at or through a contact form here.