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Create your own videos for internal or external communication! With Moovly you can create all the J&J video content you need. Create brand-aligned J&J videos at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing.

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In-house, on-brand video creation at Amadeus

Discover how Moovly powers employees of travel technology company Amadeus with video creation capabilities to create their own brand-aligned videos. Amadeus needed a cost-effective video creation platform that responded to their employees’ needs – and they found it in Moovly.

The benefits of in-house video creation for Communications

Increased effectiveness

Internal video creation can enhance the effectiveness of your communication by providing more high-quality video content for your target audiences.

Cost and time effective

Reduce time and cost to produce videos using pre-made templates or mix and match of media assets from Moovly’s libraries to convey your message.

Brand aligned

Decentralize talent acquisition by allowing local teams to create their own video content while ensuring brand compliance.


Collaborate on videos, share content and templates, and invite peer reviewers or stakeholders to provide timestamped feedback on videos.

Check out a sample of our video templates* for communication

*which can easily be turned into J&J brand-aligned videos…

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