Moovly and KU Leuven

KU Leuven and Moovly have entered a partnership that enables you to easily sign in on Moovly using your KU Leuven credentials. By doing so, you’ll also immediately get a Moovly Edu Free account. Furthermore, you’ll be able to benefit from highly reduced pricing for Moovly subscriptions.

Click on the button below to login or create a free Moovly account:

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in a Moovly Edu Free account?

The Edu Free account is an extended version of the standard Free account that every user of Moovly is able to get. The Edu Free account enables you to use most of the creative functionalities of Moovly, make videos using these features and download your videos. You also have access to the immense media library of Moovly containing over 1.5 millions free images, stock videos, sounds and music you can use – in combination with your own media – to create your videos.

More info about the features of the Moovly Edu Free account is available on the Education Pricing page of our website.

When will my Moovly Edu Free account expire?

When you sign up on Moovly using your KU Leuven credentials, you’ll get an Edu Free account until the end of the academic year 2021-2022 (July 31). If your KU Leuven account remains valid after that date, you’ll get continued access to Moovly.

Who else can get access to a Moovly Edu Free account?

Anyone with a KU Leuven account automatically and directly gets access to the Moovly Edu Free account upon sign in: KU Leuven staff as well as students.

Which upgrade options do I have as a KU Leuven user?

Thanks to the framework agreement between KU Leuven and Moovly, you are able to enjoy high discounts on the standard pricing of the Moovly subscriptions, both as a staff member as well as a student. Aside the free Edu Free account, you have access to the following yearly subscription plans:

  • Edu Premium: a yearly subscription especially created for KU Leuven. This subscription gives you access to all features of the Edu Max subscription with a few volume limitations: you can create video projects with a duration of maximum 10 minutes, you are able to do 5 downloads per month and upload up to 50 personal media files in your account.
  • Edu Max: this is the standard Edu Max subscription plan – including access to all available Moovly features – of which you can find the details on the Education Pricing page of our website.

As a KU Leuven user, you are able to purchase the Edu Premium yearly subscription at only 25€ (excl. VAT) and the Edu Max yearly subscription at only 99€ (excl. VAT) instead of the standard pricing of $249/year.

How can I order and pay?

KU Leuven staff is able to purchase Moovly subscriptions (including volume orders) using an internal purchase order. More info about the ordering procedure is available here. Both staff members as well as students can also upgrade via the Moovly e-commerce system (clicking the Upgrade button in your account and following the steps). Payment options included credit cards as well as Paypal. 

Who can I contact in case of other questions?

If you have additional questions, use the contact form on this website to get in touch!