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Increase the attractiveness and quality of your training or e-learning content with video. Build your own internal YouTube with learning videos you can easily create with Moovly.

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Create attractive content

Enhance you e-learning or live training sessions with videos you create yourself: from simple animations to explainer videos or longer online video-based courses. Moovly is an intuitive, versatile tool that can be used by any training professional or instructional designer.


LMS-ready videos in any style

Moovly comes with a library of millions of royalty free images, music and footage you can use in combination with your own media, text or voice over. 

Choose the best didactical format for your content: animated graphics, cartoons, webcam recordings, screen recordings or a combination of the above. Whatever works best to explain your subject, Moovly supports it.


Individual or team work

Whether you’re an individual training professional or part of a dedicated learning & development team, Moovly can be used in any setting. Collaborate on content, use your organization’s fonts, brand colors, media libraries and templates, or integrate Moovly with other tools or platforms.

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