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Empower your team to create engaging video presentations

Tired of boring slide decks? Learn how to create brand-aligned video content to engage your audience and fight PowerPoint fatigue.

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Business consulting guide

What's covered in this guide?

:white_check_mark:  How to communicate and engage with your audience using video presentations

:white_check_mark:  How to distribute your consulting videos across different communication channels

:white_check_mark:  An in-depth look at video scriptwriting, including best practices for storyboarding

:white_check_mark:  A step-by-step guide through the video production process for creating business consulting videos.

:white_check_mark:  Business consulting video examples to inspire your next project

The advantages of video creation for Business Consultants

Fight PowerPoint Fatigue

Creating attractive and impactful video presentations and reports instead of keeping relying only on slides. Video is the king of content!

video creation

Inhouse video creation can enhance the effectiveness of your consultants’ communication strategy by enabling customization, personalization and mass communication


Give your consultant the possibility to free their creativity in a brand-compliant environment. With our review and comment systems, videos can also be approved and commented on by managers.

and Translation

Spread the word around the globe in a click! Moovly allows you to create subtitles and translate them into any language in a couple of clicks.

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