If you have questions about our new features, do not hesitate to contact us.

New features added in April 2014

    Lock object/layer: lock an object and its layer to avoid unintended changes in position or timing
    Set thumbnail: ability to select a content frame and set it as the thumbnail in the My Moovs view
    Simplified library dropdown view

New features added in March 2014

    New library in Marketplace: the Extended Doodle Marker style
    New library in Marketplace: the Extended Infographics style
    New "Hands" library

New features added in February 2014

    Member-Get-Member program: possibility for yearly Plus and Pro users to earn credits by inviting other users to become Plus or Pro for a discount
    An improved license purchasing and upgrading process
    Education license ordering enabled for education sector users.

New features added in January 2014

    Timeline view: show only the objects that occur within a scene ("Show all" tick box)
    Extended scene cut and paste: select, shift, move, cut, copy and paste of a scene and all its included objects, while respecting their relative timing
    Completion of sound editing features: overall sound volume, fade in/out, split sound, cut sound till end...
    Video-based elements: uploaded video objects (Plus & Pro), transparent video objects and other effects to support music video clips
    HTTPS security across the Moovly site

New features added in December 2013

    New sound features: fade in/out of sound, split sound, adjust volume level, cut till end
    Swipe in/out hand animation effect
    Contest system: use Moovly to run video contests and allow participants to publish their video to a contest landing page
    Corporate set-up of Moovly: enable companies and organizations to have their own style library, fonts and colors
    Launch of the Business license for companies and organizations
    Added Season's Greetings object library
    Flip buttons added to top icons bar in Editor

New features added in November 2013

    Launch of the Pro license
    Paper Cut-Out style object library
    Upload short video clips to Personal Library, to use as an object in Moovly
    Context-sensitive right-click menus in Editor
    Added various export video formats (Pro license): MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, SWF, OGV

New features added in October 2013

    End of Moovly Beta and launch of e-commerce system
    Launch of the Plus license
    Possibility to swap an existing object by another while keeping position, timing and animation settings
    Halloween object library
    Introduction of the Templates system
    Renaming objects on the Timeline