2 New Libraries for Moovly, Boost and Clean Graphic

2 New Libraries: Boost & Clean Graphic

Discover the new Boost and Clean Graphic Libraries for Moovly.
They are free for Pro and Business users.

Boost Library

Grow your business with the BOOST library

The BOOST library is perfect to announce, promote and make a splash.

  • Use the 5 styles to create perfect visual harmony
  • Change the color of elements and backgrounds to match your message or brand
  • Persuade visually with key pictures featuring your message or your product

The BOOST library is modern, simple and is already a favorite at Moovly.

Clean Graphic Library

Professional communication in a modern, simple, clean style

Sick of cartoons? That is why we made the CLEAN GRAPHIC library:

  • Fun characters with different styles and skin tones
  • Over 100 hundred elements to build and support your story
  • Works great with BOOST to give emphasis to your message

CLEAN GRAPHIC is the perfect choice when you want to be visual and modern.


These New libraries are Only Available for Pro and Business Users

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