Need help with video and content creation? Contact one of the Moovly partners for a custom video, Library or for creative advice and training.

Need help with content creation?

Video content creation is a fun and creative journey. However, if you don't have enough manpower, skills or time to create your own videos from scratch every time, it might be a daunting experience. Luckily we have some fantastic Moovly Partners that can help you out! These partners are digital content specialists or communication agencies specialized in the production of animated content with Moovly. They offer professional help with the creation of any type of Moovly content:

A great graphical design with animated objects in line with your organization's guidelines Your own library extensions with custom objects and animation options A perfectly animated master version of your content in Moovly Moovly training for you or your company Creative advice, help with structuring your video, copywriting, etc.

Read on to learn more about the services our partners offer:

Custom Content Creation

Having a hard time finalizing or creating your explainer video or presentation? Our partners can help with the creation of a master version of your content. The following partners create custom videos from scratch, or based on the draft video you already created: Media Ecology (US), Depixion (UK), VerVieVas (AT), Assistenzwerk (DE), Your Prezi (HU), Zoom-Studio (DE), Inbrief Communication (KR) and Growth Gurus (MT).

And the following partners are experienced in creating videos or extensions based on the draft video you already created: Moovly Trainer (BE), Persuo (BG) and Experiencia Prezi (CO).

When our partners create a custom video, they hand over the final version of your video in its Moovly source. This means that, if you want to edit the video, use it as a template for new videos, make translations or use scenes or objects from the video, you'll still have the freedom to do so!

Custom Libraries

The Moovly Libraries are expanded on a regular basis, but it might be that the available styles are not in line with your company's graphical guidelines, or that the existing libraries do not contain the objects you're looking for. Our partners can create special customized libraries, including objects that cover your product or business area and are in line with your company's guidelines. Depixion (UK), VerVieVas (AT), Persuo (BG), Growth Gurus (MT) and Assistenzwerk (DE) create custom libraries and animated objects that reflect the style of your company perfectly.

Moovly Training

Next to creating high-end videos and presentations, our partners also provide Moovly training: from learning how to work with the Moovly Editor to creating your first animated videos, these courses can be completely customized to your needs. The following partners offer Moovly training: Media Ecology (US), Assistenzwerk (DE), Your Prezi (HU), Zoom-Studio (DE), Via Milia (NL), Persuo (BG), Moovly Trainer (BE), Pixel Farandole (FR) and Experiencia Prezi (CO).

Creative Advice

As digital content and communication specialists, our partners can not only create content and graphical objects, they also provide professional advice on how to create captivating visual content. Contact Media Ecology (US), Depixion (UK), VerVieVas (AT), Your Prezi (HU), Inbrief Communication (KR), Persuo (BG), Growth Gurus (MT) or Zoom-Studio (DE) for more info.

If you have any questions about custom content creation, Moovly Training or wish to become a Moovly partner yourself, don't hesitate to contact us!