HTML5 beta

New HTML5 based Editor Beta

We at Moovly are pleased to announce the beta launch of our new multimedia content creation Editor. The Editor uses HTML5 technology and is based on Moovly’s next generation platform which launched in May 2016. We invite you to test and kindly ask for your feedback.

Advantages of HTML5

  • HTML5 works on all computers and mobile devices with a browser
  • HTML5 works right out of the box, no plug-in, no software needed
  • HTML5 is more secure than Flash based technology 

More value to you

  • The new Editor will be faster   
  • The new Editor will be more efficient and easier to use 
  • The new Editor will (soon) feature 500,000 new digital assets!

“By relying on HTML5 as the core technology for multimedia creation with Moovly, we offer our users higher security and better performance. HTML5 also offers many exciting new possibilities, such as interactivity, advanced animations and support for all mobile devices which will result in new content creation and application opportunities for Moovly users.”  -- Geert Coppens, CTO of Moovly.

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