Moovly Video Generators

New Moovly Video Generators

Moovly is pleased to announce the launch of a new product called Moovly Video Generator, which allows allows companies, organizations and brands to produce template-based, customized videos in high volumes and distribute these to their target audiences via email, social media or 3rd party application.

The Moovly Video Generators allow companies, organizations and brands to produce template-based, customized videos in high volumes and distribute these to their target audiences.

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Moovly offers 3 types of Moovly Video Generators:


  • Template based customizable user content generation: offer your users easy, customizable templates that they can turn into a personalized video in literally less than a minute.
  • Mass generation of customized video content: automatically merge video templates with lists of data and generate a customized video per list item.
  • Automated video generation based on data feeds: automatically generate new videos using data feeds from any source (e.g. Twitter, RSS, news feeds, measurements…), etc.)

Geert Coppens, CTO of Moovly commented, “This new Moovly offering offers our customers plenty of new opportunities to use video in their offerings and campaigns. While most companies typically use one expensive custom video per campaign, Moovly now enables them to generate volumes of individually customized videos at high speed and low costs.”

USAGE- Moovly’s video generators can be used for:

Mass video marketing or communication campaigns using personalized videos

Send a unique, personalized video to each consumer, customer, or client, with, per person, adapted content items such as name, message, picture, or logo…

Product video generation:

Turn lists of products into customized product videos based on templates, including, per product, adapted content items such as product name, picture, price, discount, or description…

E-commerce website videos:

Automatically generate a template-based video for every item of your web shop


Automatically generate videos for narrowcasting including variable content items such as news flashes, stock prices, statistics or measured data (temperature, energy, amounts, etc.…)

Brand-consumer engagement campaigns:

run creative consumer contests with branded video generators

Unique customer offerings:

offer users the possibility to easily create valuable personalized video content, such as real estate videos, car sales videos, job vacancy videos, video CVs, season’s greetings videos, video wishes and more.