Moovly Team says Welcome

Welcome to Moovly

Always wanted to take a peek into our office? Well, we’ve been looking forward to showing you around! Welcome to Moovly.

Moovly Team

Our team is growing fast. We’re quite a bunch! We’ve all got our little quirks but we do have one thing in common... We work our socks off every day to make Moovly the best animation tool out there so you can enjoy creating your very own animated content. Our motto? Work hard, play hard.

The video in this post was made with Moovly. We used elements from the new Clean Graphic Library and Custom Library.
Meet the animated version of our Moovly team. 

Information and links

Library used: Clean Graphic Style, custom uploaded elements from our Personal Library

Moovly is Hiring: Check job openings here

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welcome to moovly
welcome to the animated version of the moovly team