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Prices are listed in USD and purchases are charged in USD. Moovly however operates from Belgium, Europe. If your bank considers Moovly’s processing entity as international, you may be charged cross-border fees by your bank. For more information, please contact your bank. Additional taxes and VAT may apply.


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$ 0

Pay as you go

Pay per video

$ 20/video

or much lower with volume packs



$ 49.92

per month, billed yearly

Less than $1/video!


For companies & agencies

Volume pricing


Free Pay as you go Subscription Enterprise
​​​​Powerful, cloud-based video editor: Moovly Studio
Access to all video creation features
120+ million royalty free images, sounds and footage
AI (GPT) video generation
Moovly watermark on videos
Export video quality Standard quality SD 480p High Definition 1080p High Definition 1080p High Definition 1080p
Maximum export video length 2 minutes Not limited Not limited Not limited
Publishing to YouTube, Vimeo and Moovly Gallery 2 mins including watermark HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p
Create video templates
Collaborate by reviewing and adding feedback to videos
Personal media uploads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Best video quality SD 480p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p
Support Level Standard Premium Priority
Number of HD exports (no watermark) Credit-based 50/month or 600/year 600/user/year
Commercial rights
Custom fonts and colors
User management backoffice
Floating subscriptions
Custom group libraries
Multiple accounts in one group
White-labeling options
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Credit Packs

The following Credit Packs are available. Custom pack sizes are also available – contact us in such case. Please note that in certain cases a subscription plan may be more interesting as a fixed number of credits is included.

1 Credits


Pay $25.00

5 Credits


Pay $100.00

10 Credits


Pay $150.00

50 Credits


Pay $550.00

100 Credits


Pay $800.00

500 Credits


Pay $3.750.00

1,000 Credits


Pay $5000.00

Need more?

Frequently Asked Questions

Moovly offers one of the most easy, complete and flexible online video creation solutions on the market. ‘Easy’ because you don’t have to be a video expert to use it. If you can manage PowerPoint, you can manage Moovly. ‘Complete’ because it includes almost any feature you can think of: 120 million royalty free media assets you can use in your videos in combination with with your own media, AI features such as GPT-based script generation, text-to-video, text-to-speech (artificial voice overs), automatic subtitle generation and translation, screen and webcam recording – and much, much more. ‘Flexible’ because the platform can be used in a variety of ways, adapted to brand requirements, customized to company needs, integrated with other systems and white labeled. It features user groups, collaboration, internal workflows, workspaces, a Backoffice for group admins, a mobile companion app, a powerful video review application and automated video generation.

Sign up to try it out yourself for free, or read a few user testimonials here.

The table above shows the different features and options included in each plan. The Free plan enables you to try and test all features and experience how you can use Moovly for your video needs.  One of the main differences between the available plans is the price per export. If you only have a single video to create and export once or a few times, then most probably ‘Pay as you go’ is your most economical option: you’re able to choose from different credit packs (starting with just one), the price per video quickly decreasing with larger packs. 

If you expect regular edits of your project, or multiple projects in your account, then a subscription is your best choice: included are 50 exports per month or 600 per year. In other words, plenty of credits at just $1 or $2 – or even lower for higher volumes.

There are many applications for which you could need a big bundle of credits. A few examples: adding product videos to all your product pages, updating all your videos for a certain event or date (e.g. Black Friday/Cyber Monday), or providing a pool of video credits to enable customers, visitors or employees to generate videos on the fly without any limitations. Credit packs are also perfect for automated generation of videos for news, real estate, e-commerce, job ads etc. The larger the volume pack, the lower the cost per video! 
Yes. Moovly provides Education plans to teachers, students, professors and staff working in the non-commercial education sector. Both individual as well as group plans for classes or schools are available. Whether you are eligible for these plans depends on the email domain name of your Moovly account: if your email address belongs to an approved educational domain, you can get access to our Edu plans.

For more info, click here.

Yes. An individual non-profit subscription is available at a 50% discount on the list price of a yearly subscription. Non-profit discounts are also applicable to the Enterprise plan.  Get in touch and we will be happy to explain the next steps.
If you subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan, your subscription plan is set to renew automatically at the end of every subscription period (month or year). If you don’t want to be billed automatically, you can always cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription before the renewal date. If you cancel this auto-renewal, you will still have access to all features and credits until the end of your current subscription period.  More information is available in our Help Center

Our subscription plan is available as a monthly or yearly subscription. The price of the annual plan comes down to a 50% monthly cost compared to the monthly plan, but is  billed at once at the start of your subscription year. As these plans are subscriptions, they are automatically renewed at the end of each period (month or year). You can always cancel this auto-renewal to avoid being billed automatically.

Yes, you can upgrade any time and keep any credits you purchased. Any content you have created, remains in your account. Within a subscription plan, you get a fixed number of credits (50/month in a monthly plan, 600/year in a yearly plan), which is always reset when your subscription period renews. However, any purchased credits fully remain available in your account. In other words: if you cancel your subscription, your purchased credits remain at your disposal.
The monthly and yearly subscription plans are payable via credit card or Paypal and become active as soon as online payment is successfully completed. Depending on your country, the volume of your order, your currency or the size of your organization, we may also accept wire transfer as a payment option – only for yearly plans, though. To check whether this is possible for you, please contact our support team. Please note that in the case of wire transfers, the subscriptions ordered will only be activated when payment is received. Any additional bank, transaction or currency exchange costs are to be paid by you.
When your content is ready, you’ll want to download it or publish it on a different platform, for example YouTube, TikTok or any platform your organization uses for video distribution. To do that, your video first needs to be rendered (= converted to a standard video format). 
Until September 2023, we used to have subscription plans called ‘Pro’ and ‘Max’. Since then, we merged these plans into a single subscription with all the features of the Max plan. The merged subscription does not have a name, but essentially gives you access to all features of the Moovly platform and plenty of export credits for your video exports. For teams, agencies, organizations and companies, the Enterprise plan offers additional group features such as collaboration, review and feedback, shared media libraries, brand settings, workspaces and much more. More information is available on our Enterprise pages.