Moovly Bots can be set up in 3 easy steps.

1: Choose

Choose the type of Bot and make or pick an appropriate Bot template.

2: Connect the Bot.

Connect your Bot to your data whether that is data base, data stream or user generated data.

3: Share.

Distribute to your user or get them to share among themselves.

There are 3 types of Moovly Bots

Type 1: Inbound

Get a Moovly Bot template customized by yourself or an end-user. A human creates a template in Moovly studio, defines the template as a bot and then chooses which parts are variable.

Type 2: Data-driven

Use this type of bot to connect with a data base, data stream or with user generated data.

Type 3: Live Feeds

Integrate a csv-file, your own database or a data feed from twitter/rss in real time with this Moovly bot type. This type has the same process as type 1. Both of the types monitor a data stream and create videos automatically from the minute when the data is published.

Moovly Bots examples

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