Impress others and stand out

In our fast moving and dynamic society, it’s all about being agile and finding new and creative ways to impress others and stand out. Your clients’ needs have changed. Everyone is looking for interactive and engaging content and most of all: an easy way to personalize it.


Co-create content with your clients

Moovly Studio offers you the opportunity to create personalized content, for any kind of client. Regardless of their size, budget, and graphical guidelines – content created with Moovly can be fully customized. You’ll have over 500.000 digital assets at your disposal, which can be combined with your own graphical assets.

Easily set up user generated content campaigns

Moovly Bots are easily customizable web applications, that will allow you to easily set up creative and innovative campaigns, competitions, and they can get you tons of user generated content in no time! Moovly offers this technology and support so you can automate, customize and mass personalize engaging video-based communications!


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