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* Thesis Papers
* Presentations
* Student Party Invitations

* Video Journalism



* Class Assignments
* Digital Media Literacy
* Book Reviews
* Lecture Presentations



* Alumni Event Promotion
* School Marketing
* New Student Onboarding
* Presentations

Many students, teachers and school administrators have successfully created animated videos.

Their secret? A good idea … and Moovly.

Whether you’re a student creating video projects, portfolios or resumes…


Or you’re a teacher searching for new methods to create more engaging curriculum.

If you’re a school administrator looking for new school marketing tools to communicate.

Moovly in Education has three winners!
The organization can use animated movies to illustrate rules and manuals; teachers can make moovs as an additional supplement to their lessons and students will use Moovly to prove their lessons learned in their portfolio.

Hans Steeman – the Netherlands

Plans & Pricing

Moovly is a cloud-based multimedia platform that enables people to create engaging multimedia content by making it affordable, intuitive and simple. For a more detailed description of the nature of Moovly, screen shots and articles go to our pressroom.

Moovly Education


  • Unlimited access to Moovly Studio editor
  • Unlimited access to over 500,000: videos, illustrations, photos, sounds, music
  • Unlimited downloads in SD
  • Unlimited publishing to Moovly gallery
  • Unlimited embedding via gallery
  • Unlimited social sharing
  • 1 GB Personal library storage
  • Adjustable stage size
  • Batch select & import
  • Access to help center

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