Rise above the noise: Make a video

When employees are using multiple platforms and channels to carry out their work, it can often be very difficult to grab their attention when you need to communicate an important message. Ever feel your email announcements go unnoticed? Did your last presentation really make an impact? An engaging video presentation will communicate your message more effectively, and it’s never been easier to create your own amazing video content.


Add creativity to your next recruitment campaign

Attracting the top talent is not easy these days, and you need to have that extra edge to attract the very best candidates for vacancies. Is your workplace fun, with a great company culture? Why not make a showcase video? Do your employees truly love working at the company? Make some video testimonials! Adding social proof to your next recruitment campaign will make it so much easier to attract the best talent for your vacant positions, all created in-house!

Onboarding made easy: Bin the handbook

The truth is, employee handbooks are rarely ever read cover to cover, and leave new hires confused about some of the basic information all new employees need. A series of detailed training videos can dramatically improve the effectiveness of new hires, and creating some engaging explainer videos that detail everything from company health & safety policy, the procedure for booking vacation time, and a quick introduction to the overall company structure and culture, can dramatically improve your onboarding processes and procedures. All of which you can create easily via Moovly Studio!


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