Engage and retain your audience

Engaging a large user or member base with one generic message is impossible. Personalization is key. Moovly allows you to keep up with constantly changing technology, resources and offers you a way to stay relevant to an increasingly younger demographic


Inform, explain and activate in a visual way

Looking for a way to explain complex matters in a creative and visual way? Want to share cool videos with your members? Or let your community create content themselves? Moovly Studio allows you to create personalized multimedia content in a cost-effective way. And why only create content FOR your community, when you can co-create WITH them? You’ll have over 500.000 digital assets at your disposal, which can be combined with your own graphical assets.

Engaging your audience has never been easier

Moovly Bots are easily customizable web applications, that will allow you to easily set up creative and innovative campaigns, competitions, and they can get you tons of user generated content in no time! In this way – with just a few clicks you can reach out to hundreds, thousands and even more members or subscribers. Engaging your audience has never been easier.
Moovly offers this technology and support so you can automate, customize and mass personalize video based communications!


Moovly offers special discounts for Non Profit organizations. Get in touch for a custom quote or to learn more about how you and your organization can benefit using Moovly