Engage your audience

Creating dynamic and engaging training materials for your audience can be a pain. In our digital and dynamic society, everything needs to be up to date, quick, and easy to understand. If you’re looking for a way to update or convert existing videos or presentations, or create new training materials from scratch: Moovly allows you to do this in an easy and cost-effective way!


Everything you need, at your fingertips.

Who says explanatory and informative content can’t be creative and engaging at the same time? Our Moovly Studio editor makes it easier to explain complex matters in a creative and visual way and share this content directly with your audience. Combine our 500.000 digital assets with your own graphical objects, and creating personalized training videos has never been easier.

Automate. Customize. Mass Personalize.

Looking for a way to mass generate a series of personalized training videos? Moovly Bots offer the technology to reach out to any audience in an easy and personal way. Moovly Bots are easily customizable web applications that will allow you to generate high volumes of personalized multimedia content in no time! In this way – with just a few clicks you can reach out to hundreds, thousands and even more students, co-workers or subscribers.


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