When Human Resources turned to video automation

How Randstad scales its video creation needs with Moovly

The Randstad Group is a global leader in the HR services industry, specializing in staffing, recruitment and selection, career development and outplacement. The company is a trusted human partner in today’s technology-driven world of talent and helps people secure rewarding jobs and stay relevant in the world of work.

Because this world of work is subject to constant change, Randstad is putting a lot of effort in the development of its own employees. Tom Bruyninckx, Learning Advisor of Randstad Group Belgium, explains: “Within our Learning and Development team, we focus on personal development goals of our employees as well as skills needed by our business. Within our corporate learning landscape, we align our initiatives with the different stakeholders.”

“Video plays an important part in our learning activities but is also used more and more for strategic projects.

Tom Bruyninckx –Learning Advisor, Randstad Group Belgium

The growing importance of video for learning

Randstad provides its internal learning offering in a blended mix of live and online formats: live classroom sessions, coaching, workshops, synchronous online training, e-learning courses, video tutorials… Much of this content is offered in self-paced ways, from an ‘open catalog’ point of view. Video plays an increasingly prominent role in this mix. Randstad uses video as an empowering tool for employees and encourages them to become video content creators themselves. Tom Bruyninckx: “Video plays an important part in our learning activities but is also used more and more for strategic projects.

From a video creation point of view, however, we want our internal clients to become less dependent on our L&D team as creators, as our resources are limited. We therefore provide them with the video creation platform and support them in the creation process. This results in higher speed in content roll-out and increases the know-how within the broader company.”

“Moovly is also easy to do business with, with an ‘open’ partnership-type of contact style”Tom Bruyninckx.

Choosing the right video creation platform

Although encouraging internal clients to create video content themselves, letting employees choose their own favorite video editing tool was not an option.
An uncontrolled variety of private accounts on unsupported tools is not acceptable for obvious company security and data protection reasons. Finding a secure yet powerful application therefore became the preferred option.

In order to select the right solution to achieve this goal, several requirements needed to be met. The application needed to provide the right creative video editing features to meet Randstad’s needs, but several other aspects were a must: collaboration options, workflow support, Randstad brand alignment, video templates, user management and review capabilities.

Furthermore, Randstad was looking for a web-based application that could pass their stringent security and privacy assessments. Moovly proved to be the perfect answer to these requirements: a powerful cloud platform with many powerful features, enabling video creation in line with Randstad’s brand and providing many integration options.

A scalable solution with room for growth

Randstad quickly discovered that Moovly could also be useful outside the learning and development domain: Moovly is also used for video needs in internal communications, ICT, marketing, digital recruitment as well as special projects that require video content. As more and more employees discover the ease and power of internal video creation, the number of users keeps growing.

Moovly is helping Randstad with advice, training and support in the deployment of its internal video creation efforts. As many other Moovly customers are using the video platform for a variety of purposes, application areas and integrations, learning about best practices of others can lead to helpful shortcuts and quick wins. “Moovly is also easy to do business with, with an ‘open’ partnership-type of contact style, which also convinced us to choose them.”, Tom Bruyninckx concludes.

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