Moovly Tips l How to get started?

Interested to quickly get started with your video creation?Here are some tips + videos to help you get the most out of Moovly.

Have fun!

  • Tip 1: animate
  • Tip 2: Control Timeline
  • Tip 3: Hand Drawing & ?Writing
  • Tip 4: Use Clips

Here’s a short video to get you introduced to the Moovly video creation. To get even more insights, follow the Tips below. A ton of creativity and inspirations your way!

Cheers, The Moovly Team

Let me guess.

One of the first things you asked yourself when you first opened the Moovly Editor was:

So how do I animate?

Let me tell you:

  • Open the editor
  • Drag any object?from the left (Library) to the screen in the middle (Stage).
  • Select the object?and?click ?Add animation??at the very bottom of the screen.
  • Pick your animation style, e.g. Fly in. It?s automatically applied to the object you selected.
  • Drag the red playhead to the beginning of your video and click the play button to see what you just made.

Okay, so this stuff you know already:?“How to animate objects”

Next up:?“How to time and sync your video!”

You can do this by moving around the timeline, at the bottom of your screen.

  • Every line?on the left represents?1 item?in your video.
  • The?bars?show the duration of an item: when and how long it appears in the video.
  • Would you like to start with the text and then show your image, or the other way around? Just move the bars horizontally to?change the order and timing.
  • You can also make the bars?longer or shorter?to play with the duration of each item.
  • The?white line?below shows how long the?animation itself?takes.
  • Do you want your text to be written really slowly? Make the white line longer. Should the image be drawn super fast? Make that white line shorter.

And of course, as always: drag the red playhead to the beginning of your video and click the play button to see what you just made.

Have you seen those videos where a hand draws and writes on a whiteboard?

They look cool, right?

When you ask an agency to make those for you, that doesn?t come cheap. Prices usually start at 2,500 dollars, and they can go up to 50,000 dollars. (Not kidding.)

In Moovly, you can?make your own hand drawn animations.

Major bonus: you don?t even have to know how to draw. And you?re done in just a couple of clicks!

How to create the?hand-drawn effect?to objects:

  • Open the editor
  • Select the library ?Doodle Marker? on the left
  • Pick your drawing and drag it to the blank screen in the middle (the Stage)
  • Select your drawing, and click ?Add animation? at the very bottom of your screen
  • Select ?Hand Draw in?
  • Drag the red playhead to the beginning of your video and click the play button to see what you just made.

What about the?hand writing effect? ?

  • In case you closed it, open the editor again
  • Click the text icon ?at the very top, above the white screen
  • Click anywhere on the blank screen in the middle (the Stage)
  • You can double-click to edit the text and drag it to move it around the screen. You can change the font, size, and color in the Properties panel on the right.
  • When you?re done tweaking your text box, select it
  • Click ?Add animation? at the very bottom of the screen
  • Select ?Hand Writing?
  • Drag the red playhead to the beginning of your video and click the play button to see what you just made.

What if I told you?there?s a way to fast-forward?that process.

Our animators and video producers have created videos for you.

Actually, they?re not?just?videos: you can?take them apart from A to Z.

Yep, you read that right. You get a fully animated video or presentation, and you can play around with all the building blocks. We call these videos ?Clips?.

In a clip, you can change the text and colors, swap one object for another, add a new animation, and BOOM: you?ve got a?professional video in no time.

How does it work??

  • Open the editor
  • Pick the library ?Clips? on the left
  • Pick one of the clips and drag it to the Stage in the middle, e.g. Clean Graphic ? Desk Scene Thought
  • On the left of your screen, click the little arrow in front to unfold the clip
  • Now you can select any item and change its appearance, timing and animation. You can even delete it or swap it for another.
  • Have fun!

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