Spice up your Moovly whiteboard videos with the Alphabet Library objects

Discover the New Alphabet Library

The Moovly Marketplace has been updated with a brand new Alphabet Library ! Find out how you can spice up your whiteboard videos with these new objects.

The new library contains hand drawn style letters, digits and punctuation marks. Next to Standard animations you can also add a couple of specific animations to these new graphical objects:

  •     Fast shake 
  •     Gentle shake
  •     Salto
  •     Big Bounce
  •     Subtle bounce

Take a look at the video below to see what these animations look like.

As the objects are created in a hand drawn style you can also apply the hand drawing animation to them, change the color of the outline of the objects and even change their fill color.

How can you get access to the Alphabet Library?

Business users have free access to the Alphabet Library. If you’re subscribed to a Free, Plus or Pro license you can purchase the objects in our Marketplace (Log in first to access the Marketplace) in the Graphical Objects section.

The objects are available on an item-by-item basis but you can also add the entire Library to your Library collection.

Once you’ve added the library to your account you will be able to use the objects in your videos: just select the Alphabet Library in the library dropdown list in the Editor. If you purchased only a couple of objects, these will be listed in the Library called “Marketplace objects”.

How can you use the new Library in your videos?

It might be a bit time-consuming to use the new library objects for larger chunks of text but you can certainly use them to create dynamic headlines or to draw the attention to important information in your video. You can also use the new library objects when creating a bullet list or chapter titles. Or, add a little more funk to a sentence or quote by using an Alphabet Library object at the beginning of that sentence.