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How to create videos internally without hurting your budget

With the power of video content your communication efforts can inform and educate your peers, staff and community, with clarity and impact.

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As a media and communication professional in the public sector, you are faced with multiple challenges to create engaging content that will capture the attention of your audiences. Access to experts is scarce, budgets are minimal and time is precious.

So how do you produce high-quality video content without spending a fortune? With Moovly you can create all the content you need, from social media videos to internal comms videos while maintaining full control of your visual identity and with a fraction of the cost of outsourcing.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

:white_check_mark:   How public institutions are using video to reach a broader audience

:white_check_mark:   Using our user-friendly platform and creating your own videos in different styles and formats

:white_check_mark:   Utilising artificial intelligence to autotranslate, convert audio to subtitles and text to speech to make your videos

:white_check_mark:   Building content with predefined and editable video templates

:white_check_mark:   Easily updating and sharing your videos across multiple channels

:white_check_mark:   Managing user-generated content in your organization

The advantages of video creation for the public sector

Inhouse video creation

Inhouse video creation can enhance the effectiveness of your talent acquisition strategy by enabling customisation, personalization and mass communication

Cost and time effective

Reduce time and cost to produce videos using premade Moovly templates or mix and match a multitude of media assets from Moovly’s libraries to convey your message.

Brand aligned

Decentralise talent acquisition by allowing local teams to create their own video content while ensuring brand compliance.

Clear communication

Clearly and effectively communicate job descriptions using personalized videos to attract the ideal candidates.


10 Examples of videos in Government communications

In the past, government agencies have turned to television or print media to distribute messages, but as adults spend more time on their phones than they do watching TV, governments are realizing massive benefits by focusing their communication strategy towards video…

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