Automate mass production of videos

Create unique videos in bulk

Scale your operations and generate greater results with the power of visual content production–automated in bulk. Leverage Moovly’s back-end technology to personalize campaigns, minimize repetitive tasks and fulfill large content creation requirements by creating videos using the Moovly API with your data.

Branded templates

Get your very own customizable branded templates

Reduced costs

Enjoy discounted pricing for mass usage based on your needs

Scalable solution

Produce hundreds or thousands of customized videos automatically.

Seamless integration

Integrate with your existing framework and instantly convert data to videos


How can I use this API?

Template videos

Offer your users customizable video templates on your own platform. Let them modify video variables via a form: text blocks, uploaded pictures or videos, colors, sounds or music. Let them download or publish the final video with your branding.

Data-based videos

Generate a series of videos based on a list or database. For every record, a separate video will be generated automatically. A wonderful solution for mass customized product videos!

Live feed videos

Data feeds coming from Twitter, RSS feeds, measurements or other sources can automatically be converted into videos! Create a template, define the variables, connect your data feed and trigger the generation and publication of your videos.

Automate mass production of videos now

Increase your value proposition

Who is this for?

Back-end developers

Easily integrate Moovly's advanced video production features into your own platforms and services.

Sales and Marketing teams

Connect, convert, and seal the deal. Impress your customers by sending personalized videos just as easily as an email merge.

Product managers

Add video to your products and services to increase the value of your offering in a competitive market.

Thanks to Moovly we managed to create video templates really easily and the Google Sheets integration then allowed us to personalize these videos in bulk.
Sophia Falck-Ytter