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Now you can integrate Moovly directly with your platform. You can easily generate a video personalized to a client’s details straight from your CRM. Want to generate a video to promote you brand new product, with just 1 click? Simply link the API with the information you already entered in your CMS! Or what about sending a personalized holiday greeting video to all your clients? Easy!



Our API (Application Programming Interface) is a REST-API, a format that is widely adopted by many developers so that there is a minimal learning curve for your development team. Early testers of our API had their first integration up and running within hours after contacting us!

Moovly API
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Want in on automatic video generation based on how you want a video to look? Contact us now and we will be in contact immediately!

Moovly enables me to easily create (and/or edit) engaging marketing videos for my business, which would otherwise take up too much of either my time or my money.”

Keyon van den Elzen
– Entrepreneur