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Create your own video lessons, presentations or explainer videos with MimioMoovly, the education version of Moovly. An easy video creation tool for teachers, faculty, students and education staff.

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Why make MimioMoovly videos for education?

  • Create your own flipped classroom videos
  • Engage students with motivating video assignments
  • Make your own e-learning videos
  • Explain educational topics using over 1 million free and royalty free media objects (images, footage, sounds)
  • Present your project with a stunning video explainer

Which plan is best for you?

Edu Free: a free version of Moovly for everyone with an educational email

Edu Pro: professional HD video creation at a reduced price (-67%)

Edu Max: Pro video creation with screen and web recording features, subtitling options, as well as custom fonts and colors

Edu Class: educational group plan with user management, an ideal solution for teachers using MimioMoovly in their classroom

MimioMoovly is trusted by millions of users in educational institutions like:

92% think
video boosts student satisfaction
84% think
video increases student achievements
83% think
video grows educator collaboration

Source: Kaltura (2018)

Video is a go-to in digital classrooms

Did you know that 94% of teachers incorporated video into their class in the past year? Video has become an invaluable tool in teaching, learning and digital literacy.

Step into video-based learning by easily creating educational videos yourself or engaging your class with video assignments they make in MimioMoovly. And get your free Education account!

Increase media literacy

The ability for students to understand, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms is an important part of today's education. MimioMoovly helps students express themselves and acquire media skills by learning to turn images, footage, music, speech and text into new video stories. Check out these video projects made by students

Attract more students

By using video, you open up your class/school/university to a whole world of students that couldn't have enrolled before. Create online video lessons, tutorial videos or micro-learning content to attract students from anywhere in the world. Or make your MOOC more attractive with animated video clips!

Present your projects with video

Whether you're working on a a dissertation, presentation or a class assignment, enhance your project with video to stand out! Have a look at these examples made by our users.

Choose from video templates

Use any of our templates as a start for your own video project.

MimioMoovly is offered to you in exclusiv​e partnership with Boxlight, leading provider of technology solutions for the global learning market.

See what our Edu users say

Moovly’s video maker for education, called MimioMoovly, helps you easily create and edit videos online. Let your next explainer video, video tutorial, video assignment or any other video project impress your class like never before. With MimioMoovly.


Game-changer in education!

I use it in my media lessons, and within just one session of 50 minutes, students are able to make professional-looking animations.


Jan Lah

IT Coordinator @ Ankerwijs


MimioMoovly is a great way to make educational explainer videos.

You can use it to let your students make videos to check their understanding. I'm using MimioMoovly for more than 5 years and I'm still very satisfied.


Hans Steeman

Expert in ICT & Education


I am finding the software really easy to use and already planning to use t in my lectures for students to create revision videos.

Thoroughly recommend!


Charlie Earle

IT Coordinator @ Ankerwijs


Our students have produced some very good resources in MimioMoovly over the past few years.

Great way to easily create animations with very little training. It saved us a lot of time!


Ian M. 

e-Learning Manager

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