Real-estate and video,
a match made in heaven

A time-saving solution via mass video production

BOTTIMMO is a marketing as a software provider who specializes in the real estate market. It’s an all-in-one software solution that allows estate agents to find new property-owning leads, stay in touch with existing customers, and engage with prospects. Namely, through high quality content, advertising materials such as videos, as well as performance marketing and automated email marketing campaigns.  Located in Switzerland, the company provides real estate agents in Germany, Austria, Switzerland with one-stop-shop modern marketing tools, so that no sales opportunity is ever missed. 

BOTTIMMO’s software allows estate agents to automatically gain new property-owning contacts online, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. It’s a time-saving and automated way of finding new sellers so that agents can focus on their core business more effectively.   

Moovly is super easy to handle

Sophia Falck-Ytter – COO at BOTTIMMO

How did Bottimmo do this?

BOTTIMMO has created a series of tools for real estate agents, including professional guides, checklists, and online market value analysis tools. This high quality content is embedded in performance-oriented landing pages. These pages look fabulous no matter what browser or device you view them with – smartphones, desktops, tablets, etc. 

To draw the attention of property owners to the content, the real estate agents are provided with advertising materials and support such as Google ads, Facebook ads, print ads and videos for social media. Not only that, but their software also sends automated marketing emails on behalf of the estate agent to enhance the contact to the property owners.

BOTTIMMO decided to use Moovly’s video technology to produce high quality videos for all their customers.

Video creation to educate and maximise sales opportunities

BOTTIMMO decided to use Moovly’s video technology to produce high quality videos for all their customers. Using Moovly’s Video Automator technology and the Google Sheets integration, they were able to brand a variety of videos on behalf of their clients. BOTTIMMO was particularly impressed with the Google Sheets integration. 

Moovly’s Video Automators are a way for organizations, brands, and companies to produce professional template-based videos. The videos can be customized with sound effects, pictures, and music to suit the client’s needs and are deliverable in high volumes. They can then be sent to any organization’s target audience via social media, third party applications, or email. There’s also an option to create videos based on a list or database. A separate automated video can be created for every record.

Sophia Falck-Ytter, COO at BOTTIMMO, says it was Moovly’s Video Automator and Google Sheets integration “that brought us to Moovly in the first place. We did some specific research, browsed the web for video automation solutions, and Moovly: came out on top really fast.”

Falck-Ytter explains that Moovly’s tools allowed her business to “create video templates really easily and the Google Sheets integration then allows you to personalize these videos in bulk,”

Best of all, Falck-Ytter states they are “super easy to handle.” She would “definitely” recommend Moovly’s video Automator and Google Sheets integration because it “is easy to use and saves lots of time.”

BOTTIMMO needed an easy solution for creating videos, and they found it in Moovly!

Moovly is a reliable partner - Now and in the future.

BOTTIMMO plans to create further professional and promotional videos they can use as part of their software solution. They would like to see Moovly enable clients to buy extra video production credits online without needing to contact an account manager. 

This is precious feedback for us at Moovly. We hope to continue working with BOTTIMMO for a long time to come and are happy to take these suggestions on board to improve the service we provide our loyal customers.

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