Video meets ChatGPT functionality

Take things to the next level with your video creation with a little bit of help from Open AI’s GPT technology.

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The future of video is here.
Moovly merged Open AI’s ChatGPT functionality with its powerful editor to form the most advanced video creation tool. 

How to create your AI video

Select video type

Choose which type of video you wish to generate. For example, how-to's, explainer or even marketing videos

Add your video topic

Any text will do. Simply add a video topic and a video script will automatically be generated.

Create video from script

Nothing left to do but sit back and let the technology generate your video for you.

The same technology that created ChatGPT is now used for video generation in the most creative way

How will AI video help me?

No writer's block

Always have a well written script generated for you with video and VoiceOver included.

Save costs

No need to pay for external writers, get it all done in Moovly!

Increase volume

Expand on your video catalogue with more videos and a wider variety of topics.

Discover other features

Our video editor is packed with features, check out some of the other ones below to find out more

Create your GPT generated video now