Generate subtitles automatically

Add subtitles to your video by automatically transcribing them from voice audio, in just second. Or manually add your subtitles.

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How to use the Moovly subtitles feature


Select audio track containing voice

Right-click on the audio layer and select 'convert to subtitles'


Choose the language of the voice

A wide range of languages can be transcribed and turned into subtitles.


Start conversion to subtitles

An automatically generated subtitle track will appear as a new layer in your timeline.


Why should I use subtitles?

  • Increase engagement

    Subtitles are a great addition or substitution for voice-over for viewers who like to watch your video without sound.

  • More audiences

    Make your videos accessible to a wider range of audiences with different languages, all over the world.

  • Fast and accurate

    Automatic subtitle generation is available for over 30 languages, all converted in a few seconds only!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 different ways you can add subtitles to your video: (1) Using the auto-subtitling tool (just select ‘Subtitles’ in the Toolkit after you open your project, and choose ‘Automatically convert audio to subtitles’). (2) If you already have a subtitle file that corresponds to your video, just upload it. Or (3) Manual creation and editing of subtitles is always possible, too!

Editing subtitles is very straightforward. Just select the ‘Subtitles’ track on the Timeline and double-click it to edit. The start and end time of each subtitle can be changed easily.


Absolutely: all you have to do is select the ‘Subtitles’ on the Timeline, then go to ‘Styles’. This will let you to choose font, size, background color, outline, shadow and more!


You can translate your subtitles into different languages, in just a few clicks. Once you have added your subtitles, click on ‘Translation’. Choose the language you want to translate them to, and let it do its magic! Your subtitles will be translated instantly. You can edit the translated subtitles further if needed.


You can easily move all the subtitles forward or backward. Simply select the Subtitles Track and shift your subtitles to the left or right.


Yes you can! You can export the subtitles per language in different file formats: standard SRT, but also CSV, TXT and even PDF.

By creating and exporting different SRT-files for different languages, you can leave it up to the viewers of your video to choose their desired subtitle language.

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