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How to Use Video Throughout the Buyer Journey

Video marketing has evolved. Over the years video has become one of the most powerful marketing tools, increasing the amount of organic traffic and conversion rates. The question is no longer WHY you need to use video, but rather HOW to use video throughout the Buyer Journey?

You need to understand that not all videos are equal. Marketing videos explicitly target different stages of a customer's buying journey rather than try appeal to all. Read on to find out more about the different stages and how to effectively use your video to target each stage.

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Stage 1 of the Buyer Journey: Awareness

At the top of the funnel, you have the awareness stage, directed at those who have no idea about your brand. Think about it like this, your potential audience doesn't know about you just yet, so you need to catch their attention with the right type of marketing video.

Brands usually like to take one of two routes when it comes to generating awareness: Educational videos and branded videos.

Educational Videos

The goal of an educational video is simple. Be helpful and easily shareable. This can range from how to build your own circuit board to thought leadership interviews. 

Branded Videos

Contrary to education videos, branded ones are all about entertainment. These videos will show your audience who you are and why you do what you do (in a fun manner). Think outside the box. Have a look at this creative Ikea advert marketing their catalog similar to a breathtaking piece of technology. 


Remember first impressions are everything. If you’re looking to build awareness, create shorter online videos, ones that are of high quality and instantly grip your audience.

Stage 2 of the Buyer Journey: Consideration

Now that your audience has seen your entertaining branded videos or informative educational ones, it's time to make sure that they place their trust in your brand. This is the stage in their journey where they have an understanding of what you offer and who you are, but are still in the process of considering other alternatives. 

Did you know that 57% of consumers stated that watching a brand's online video gave them more confidence to purchase online? (If yes, we hope it's because you read our previous blog on why you should use video marketing). Once you have gained your audience's interest, they need to know whether they can trust your brand or not. The middle stage of the buyer's journey is all about what and how. Marketers tend to use two main types: Explainer videos and behind-the-scenes story videos. 

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are extremely common amongst brands looking to grip their audience.
So what is the difference between an an explainer video and an educational one highlighted in the awareness stage?  

Explainer videos typically consists of more detailed information defining a product, service or brand in just under 2 minutes or less. Now we aren't telling you how you should or shouldn't structure your video, but for those looking for some help, the standard explainer marketing video usually highlights a problem, followed by a solution, how that solution works and finally a call-to-action.

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Behind-the-scenes company videos

When launching a company video, you could slightly include your products or services, but what you are really after is showcasing your company. Whether your brand is new or looking for a fresh start, video can help convey your values to your audience and influence their perceptions.

What exactly is the purpose of launching this type of marketing video? 

It helps bringing your company to life! This is the perfect stage to establish a relationship that goes far beyond factual information. Don't be afraid to get the people behind the brand on camera. In fact we encourage it. Having that friendly feel will help your audience connect with your company.

Stage 3 of the Buyer Journey: Conversion

Finally we arrive at the last stage in the buyer's journey. Think of the bottom of the funnel as the phase where your audience is prepared to make a final decision. They are familiar with your brand, they are interested in your product, and it's time to make a decision. 

Your video should focus on adding that extra bit of quality, ensuring your audience that they can trust you. When done right, the most effective type of conversion videos are of customer stories. 

Customer Stories

Customers want that last guarantee that they are about to make the right choice. Your aim is to ease any sense of doubt and ensure them that your brand is the one for them.

Use your customers as the core base of your marketing videos story. If your audience can relate to your video, their emotional connection to your brand will grow. Customer stories can range from how a customer uses your product, why they chose your brand and so on.

Google chrome launched a great series of marketing videos all using a diverse range of customer stories on how chrome has helped shape their life. Check it out.


What type of videos are you looking to create? Let us know. You can get started on your video animation by registering here for free. Once your video is created, why not share it with us. We would love to see the finished piece!