Moovly Launches Mobile Application On The App Store

Sep 29, 2016

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new Moovly mobile app! The Moovly mobile app has initially been released on the App Store and is available for all iPhone and iPad users.

The launch of our new mobile app is part of our ongoing commitment to become the number one platform for engaging, customizable multimedia content creation. “The new mobile app puts Moovly in the lead of creating unique and customized multimedia content”, says Brendon Grunewald, CEO of Moovly. The mobile app was created with a specific focus on empowering Moovly users in 3 important ways.

1. Promote, Engage and Explain any place and anytime

With the rise of mobile usage, we wanted to give you the same opportunity to use Moovly on mobile devices, just like you currently can on a desktop. You will be able to promote your business, engage your audience or explain to your students directly via your mobile phones. The Moovs you create will be saved on Moovly’s cloud storage and as a result will become instantly available to access on your iPhone, iPad and desktop computer. With the new mobile app, you can impress your audience anytime and anywhere at the push of a button.

2. Capture content directly for your Personal Library

Presenting your created videos via your smartphone, however, isn’t sufficient. We wanted to create a full mobile experience and allow you to capture new multimedia content straight from your phone. The Moovly app allows you to capture content such as picture, sounds, and videos. It also allows you to import your captured content from your Camera Roll to your Personal Library on Moovly.

3. Customize our pre-animated templates

That’s not all. With the Moovly mobile app, you will be able to take full advantage of a growing collection of pre-animated templates and customize these to your needs. Add your own personalized message and insert your captured images into one of the available templates. We have four different categories of templates for you to use and enjoy. From business themes to birthday wishes, you’ll surely find something you need!

4. Bonus features

We’ve made sure that the Moovly app is fully compatible with your favourite iPhone or iPad applications. Whether you use special apps with filters to capture a moment, record an interview, or modify your sounds, you can upload these modified media objects straight to Moovly to use in your Moovs.

Once you have saved your Moovs to the app, you can easily share them with your friends and instantly publish them to your social networks.

The new mobile app is free for everyone to use. You can enjoy the full functionality of Moovly in line with the license you currently hold. For example, available loud storage space or Plus or Pro features such as video upload will be aligned with the license you have.

Try out the Moovly Mobile App!

The Moovly app is available from 29 September via the Apple App Store. Capture your content and present it professionally using Moovly’s new mobile app!