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One of Moovly’s key strategies is partnering with a variety of business in order to optimise the experience for our customers. Moovly’s partner network consists of digital agencies, video content creators, (e-commerce) marketplaces, Digital Asset Management software companies, Video Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management tools, etc…

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Our Partners

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Amazon Ads
Acquia Dam

Digital Agencies

Goviideo Interactive

Goviideo Interactive is our partner in Spain and LATAM. They consult in corporate and interactive video solutions.Goviideo resells Moovly subscription and has integrated our template editor into their own SaaS video content creation platform Taapt.


Contenthouse is our Swiss partner that assist customers in the DACH region in their video creation endeavors. Contenthouse has their own branden (OEM) version of Moovly.


VidiBuzz is a mulit-serving video agency that assist entrepreneurs and companies (large and small) in all things video.

Social Media Buro

Social Media Buro is a Belgian social media agency that has built a portfolio of videos to help entrepreneurs, smb’s and local communities finding their way in the ever-changing social media landscape and (AI) content creation tools.

(E-commerce) Marketplaces

Amazon Ads

Moovly’s template interface can connect to your Amazon Sellers account to seamlessly import product pictures and descriptions into video templates. You can do this one by one or in bulk if you want to create a high volume of product videos or videos ads in one easy flow. The videos will automatically be imported into your corresponding product page.


As a BigCommerce seller, we’ve made it super easy to create videos directly from your BigCommerce shop’s back-end. Simly add the Moovly app to yoru list of BigCommerce apps and the full Moovly Quick Edit functionality appears in your online store’s back end and all yoru product seamlessly connect to our selection of e-commerce video templates. In conjunction with BigCommerce we placed Moovly’s technology in an iframe to make it accessible from an external platform.


Moovly users can connect their Shopify accounts to import all the product assets directly into video templatesto create on-brand videos in a few clicks. You can also create videos in bulk, using Moovly’s Bulk Video Maker if you want to create a brand new product videos for all your online store’s products.

Digital Asset Management and Video Content Management

Widen Acquia DAM

Moovly users and Acquia customers can interconnect their accounts so that assets that exist in your Acquia DAM folder(s) such as images, videos, and audio objects can be used in Moovly’s editor in a specific library. When you’ve created your videos, and are happy with the result, you can publish them back into your Acquia DAM and use them in your corporate environment to communicate, educate, promote, etc.

Video Content Management

Video Marketing Center

The Video Marketing Center or VMC is an online sales and marketing platform that specializes in distributing your digital content in a smart and efficient way. VMC and Moovly built an integration that allows you to go from the VMC directly into a co-branded VMC + Moovly video creation suite and publish your finalised video back into the VMC and add them to the VMCs content distribution flow.


Wistia is a complete video marketing platform that has everything built-in for the modern day digital content marketeer. After connecting your Moovly and Wistia accounts, you can publish your sales and marketing videos directly into Wistia and share you video content with your audiences Globally.

Customer Relationship Management


Hubspot is one of the world’s leading Customer Relationshop Management tools and has been a Moovly partner for many years. Hubspot has an extensive sales and marketing automation suite and by connecting Moovly and Hubspot you can now add that missing video piece to your sales and marketing efforts online.

Partner with Moovly, we're the best in the industry.

We did a thorough evaluation of the market and after a detailed evaluation of Moovly and competitors, selected Moovly. Our experience since signing has been excellent and have found Moovly to be both responsive and flexible to our needs.