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Make Your Own Cartoon Video For Free

There’s something special about cartoons. Do you remember your favorite cartoon show or character growing up? Cartoon Network was one of the early animation pioneers with timeless classics such as Dexter's Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls and more recently Adventure time.

Back then creating cartoons must have been extremely difficult with all the skills and budget needed. Fast forward to today and creating cartoons has never been simpler. Easier said than done right? Nope, it's incredibly easy, below we have identified the main steps to ensure that you create a cartoon video that you can show off to your friends. 

Step 1: Use the best animation maker

Moovly is a video animation maker that is completely cloud-based. You don't have to download any sizeable software, all you need is a web browser and an active internet connection. So why should you use Moovly to create an animated video? For starters, unlike many of the other animation makers out there, Moovly has a completely free license. You can sign up here to get started on creating your free animations. Moovly also has over 1000 spread across 4 animation libraries, but we will get into further down the blog. 

Step 2: Choose a template for your cartoon video

On Moovly, there are various of pre-set animated templates that you can use for your cartoon video. Take a look and see if there's one that is in line with your animated video. But wait, there's more! With Moovly, you can browse the extensive gallery of already published cartoon videos and simply customize it as you wish. Here's a customizable Happy Birthday template that you can use at your disposal. 

Alternatively, if you have some time on your hands, why not make a cartoon video completely from scratch. 

Step 3: Choose an asset style

As we mentioned earlier, Moovly’s animation Library is massive. There are currently over 1000 animated items for you to choose from, spread out over 4 unique animation libraries. Let's look through the different video animation styles you can use in Moovly for your cartoon video.

The Doodle Marker Style

Making a cartoon with the Doodle Marker style is perfect for catching your audience's attention and entertaining your viewers. Also known as Whiteboard animation, this style of animation has been made popular by various businesses using to explain complex ideas. 

The Infographic Style

Want to create more professional looking cartoons? The infographic Library is the one for you! 

The Colourful Cartoon Style

Friendly. Bright. Playfull. Incredibly fun. Just a few adjectives to familiarize yourself with the Colourful Cartoon Style library. It's everything you want when creating cartoons. This Library is available for both Moovly Plus and Pro licenses.

The Paper Cut-Out Style

The Paper Cut-Out Style is another hugely popular animation Library. It's creative, canny and just about everything we love in cartoons. Like the Colourful Cartoon Style, this animation library is only available with both Moovly Plus and Pro licenses.

Step 4: Add a music track or voiceover 

Next, adding a musical track or voiceover to your animated video. Choosing the right song can play a significant impact on the success of your cartoon video. Is your cartoon video sad? Or is it a happy one? You want to choose a song that reflects and sets the mood. 

The next question is whether you should add an instrumental track or one with lyrics. As a general tip, try out a few different tracks before choosing one for your cartoon video. Make sure that you are using royalty free music. The last thing you want to be involved in is a legal battle over your animated video.

Step 5: Publish, share and download your animated video

Once your cartoon video has been created, it's time to get it out there! Getting your animated video seen in the movie theaters and recognized at the Oscars starts with one thing, publishing your animated video. With Moovly, you can download, publish and share your created cartoons without the need of upgrading your account. There are tons of aspiring animators on Moovly. So once you have created your cartoon video, share them with us and the Moovly users! We can't wait to see what you have created! Unlike many other video animation makers, you can share your created cartoon video directly on Facebook or Youtube. Oscars here you come! 

Are you ready to make cartoons? Of course, you are! Creating cartoons has never been easier. Sign up here for your free Moovly license and get started on creating your cartoon video.