Automate your video creation

Moovly's Video Automators allow companies, organizations and brands to produce template-based, customized videos in high volumes and distribute these to their target audiences via email, social media or third party applications.

1. Choose a
Video Automator

Choose the type of Video Automator and an appropriate video template. Check out the types of Video Automators below. 

2. Connect your
Video Automator

Connect the Automator to your data, whether that is a list, database, data feed or user generated data.

3. Share your

Distribute the personalized videos to your users or get them to share among themselves.

Type: Template videos

Offer your users customizable video templates. Let them modify video variables via a form: text blocks, uploaded pictures or videos, colors, sounds or music. Let them download or publish the final video in 1, 2, 3!

Type: Data-based videos

Generate a series of videos based on a list or database. For every record, a separate video will be generated automatically. A wonderful solution for mass personalized videos or product videos!

Type: Live feed videos

Data feeds coming from Twitter, RSS feeds, measurements or other sources can automatically be converted into videos! Choose a template, define the variables, connect the source and generate videos as soon as data is published!

NEW: Google Sheets Integration

Moovly has developed the ability for Pro customers to mass produce videos via data in a Google GSheet, making it possible to create videos based on a common template, download these or publish them to social media channels.

The first 25 generated videos are free of charge for every Pro user. If you are interested in using the video automation solution in higher volumes, contact support to purchase more API credits. 

Database-driven video production is suitable for companies seeking to produce a unique video for each and every product, such as:

  • e-commerce sites
  • real estate agencies
  • consumer goods, or
  • electronic components.

It’s encouraging to see how large companies ask us to help them solve their challenge to produce ever increasing numbers of video content. Whether that be via templates used with Quick Edit forms or large volumes of video content based on product data. Think of this as Mail Merge for Video - just like you can produce personalized emails to each client, you can now personalize videos per client, per product, and so on. Given that millions of businesses use Google’s GSuite to store data, this integration means we can offer this as a standard feature to all customers.


Brendon Grunewald 
Co-Founder and CEO @ Moovly

Moovly Video Automator examples: 


This is the third product that uses our advanced platform API and offers our business customers the ability to not only create content using our editor but also to generate customizable data-driven content. While historically most companies have used one expensive generic video per campaign, Moovly now enables them to generate volumes of individually customized videos at high speed and low costs.


Geert Coppens

Co-Founder and CTO @ Moovly

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