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Edu Free

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per month, $249 billed yearly

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Prices are listed in USD and purchases are charged in USD. Moovly however operates from Belgium, Europe. If your bank considers Moovly’s processing entity as international, you may be charged cross-border fees by your bank. For more information, please contact your bank. Additional taxes and VAT may apply.

Education plans at reduced pricing are available to teachers, students, professors or staff with email addresses from educational domains

Free Pay as you go Subscription Enterprise
​​​​Powerful, cloud-based video editor: Moovly Studio
Access to all video creation features
120+ million royalty free images, sounds and footage
AI (GPT) video generation
Moovly watermark on videos
Export video quality Standard quality SD 480p High Definition 1080p High Definition 1080p High Definition 1080p
Maximum export video length 2 minutes Not limited Not limited Not limited
Publishing to YouTube, Vimeo and Moovly Gallery 2 mins including watermark HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p
Create video templates
Collaborate, review and add time-stamped feedback to videos
Personal media uploads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Best video quality SD 480p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p
Support Level Standard Premium Priority
Number of HD exports (no watermark) Credit-based 50/month or 600/year 600/user/year
Commercial rights
Custom fonts and colors
User management backoffice
Floating subscriptions
Custom group libraries
Multiple accounts in one group
White-labeling options
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Credit Packs

The following Credit Packs are available. Custom pack sizes are also available – contact us in such case. Please note that in certain cases a subscription plan may be more interesting as a fixed number of credits is included.

5 Credits


Pay $100.00

10 Credits


Pay $150.00

50 Credits


Pay $500.00

100 Credits


Pay $800.00

500 Credits


Pay $3.750.00

1,000 Credits


Pay $5000.00

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Group plans and classroom solutions

Use Moovly for all your large classes, school or higher education groups. Manage your student group and share media and projects. Click below to find out how Moovly can tailor educational plans to your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to sign up with the email address that was given to you by your educational institution, otherwise your request will not be approved. Examples or educational email domains are domains ending in .edu or with .ac. or .k12. in their domain name. 

Please, note that we cannot approve education plan requests from users with email addresses from general domains like gmail, hotmail, yahoo or similar.

If Moovly recognizes your school or university’s email domain, you’ll automatically get a pop-up when signing up, saying you’ve been upgraded to the Edu Free plan. When checking your profile, your subscription will also say ‘Edu Free’. If not, you will not get the pop-up and your profile will show ‘Free’.

There are many applications for which you could need a big bundle of credits. A few examples: adding product videos to all your product pages, updating all your videos for a certain event or date (e.g. Black Friday/Cyber Monday), or providing a pool of video credits to enable customers, visitors or employees to generate videos on the fly without any limitations. Credit packs are also perfect for automated generation of videos for news, real estate, e-commerce, job ads etc. The larger the volume pack, the lower the cost per video! 

If your email address is not recognized yet but you do have an educational domain email, please contact us via the contact form to request approval and a manual upgrade of your account. As of then, your institution’s email domain will be added to our list of approved domains. New users of your domain will then automatically be upgraded, too.

The Edu Free plan allows you to download your videos in SD quality (480p) and including a Moovly watermark and outro. If you upgrade to the Edu subscription, you will be able to download videos in the highest HD 1080p quality and without Moovly watermark/outro. 

The Edu subscription plans are payable via credit card or Paypal and become active as soon as online payment is successfully completed. Depending on your country, the volume of your order, your currency or the size of your institution, we may also accept wire transfer as a payment option. To check whether this is possible for you, please contact our support team. Please note that in the case of wire transfers, the licenses ordered will only be activated when payment is received. Any additional bank, transaction or currency exchange costs are to be paid by you or your institution.