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Moovly is the best solution out there. Moovly is unique because of its content creation workflow. You are not limited to predefined templates or animations, but you have a full control over it.

I have been using Moovly in the company for the past 1 year and have not faced any challenges as the UI is friendly. They are committed to keep on adding new features, and that is a great thing.

Best Value for your Money!


Ravi Tank

E-Commerce Manager @ Travel Shoppe 


Moovly is a good tool to create valuable content, which I can use in my work.

I am creating professional trainings, and my customers really appreciate its quality. 

Support works excellent, every error that occurs is fixed almost right away. I really appreciate that kind of attitude towards customers.


Wladzio Wladecki

Consultant @ MF Consulting


Moovly offers the possibility to create in-house videos. The tool is easy to understand and offers a lot of creative options.

We choose Moovly because it's a user-friendly tool that everyone can easily use in their own organizations.


Mylène Lambert

Digital Marketing Coordinator @ Boiron Canada


We use Moovly for YouTube advertising.

The webinars that Chana and crew do really help us make our videos a success. Thanks for all your help and your great support!


Gary Rawding

President and CMO @ myServiceForce, Inc.


More than anything, I like the results that I get.

This program allows me to quickly create videos with direct messages without being very professional or complicated because it is so simple.

You don't need any expertise or experience with video editing programs. The tutorials are so useful so anyone should have any problem.


Mercè C.

@ Auxiliar


I can't say how impressed I am with their customer service.

I am finding the software really easy to use and already planning to use it in my lectures for students to create revision videos.

Thoroughly recommend!


Charlie Earle

Lecturer @ Swansea University


As a technician with no graphical background (not even design skills), I would say that using Moovly really made my life easy.

The project and the presentation that I am now producing are just amazing! 

I will say that you will never go wrong using Moovly, it is so user-friendly.


Marvel Kabeya

IT technician @ iWeb


I've been using Moovly to create videos for our social media needs and absolutely love it!

It's easy to use and there's lots of free clips and images that can be used.

The customer service team has always been very responsive and has quickly resolved any issues that have come up. It's a great tool to have access to!


Lucy Zhune

Art Director


I really like Moovly. It is an easy-to-use program that can bring you fast and impressive results. 

Before I made the video for my job, Moovly helped to combine pictures and short videos in a film. Put some nice music in it, some fun effects, and you have something really nice.

Once I did that, I wanted to make more videos! It can be quite addictive.

To conclude, I am very enthusiastic about Moovly!


Eveline Braak

Project Coordinator @ ProRail


I've been looking for a marketing tool for my business so I could easily create training videos for my staff or my clients. 

I stumbled, by chance, on Moovly. It was so easy to use and was able to create 3 videos in, practically, a few hours. 

The planning and the storyboard took more time and effort but the building and recording of those videos were so easy using Moovly.


Christiane Constantineau

Business Advisor @ 6DT Consulting


A picture is worth a thousand words: Moovly helped me put over an idea that I had struggled with even putting down in words. 

I had no experience of creating videos at all, and yet within 6 hours I had created a 4-shot screen, which conveyed my idea, and had a lot of positive feedback from customers. 

I found the help section and the online chat really helpful with clear guidance. It is very easy to learn, and based on the success of the first video, I will be using Moovly in the future for short instructional videos for future websites.


Jimmy Cullingford

Entrepreneur - social engagement


I think Moovly delivers very high value for money.

I am only on my third Moovly project, so am certainly not an expert, but so far I am very happy with how quickly I can produce a commercial grade video that can be used for commercial purposes at an affordable price.

Moovly support has been fantastic. Real people who actually seem to read the question you ask and not just send a list of links that have nothing to do with the question you have.

A++ for support.

Moovly has been an excellent product and does what it is advertised to do. Nothing was over-promised, there was no bait-and-switch and no high-pressure up-sells. Moovly seems to be an ethical company and ethical companies are getting to be a rare find today.

As a small company that only needs to produce a few videos a month, and after days of careful evaluation, I highly recommend Moovly.

It is a very robust, full-featured product that is very well priced.


Don Winchell

Business/Marketing Consultant @ Prosperity Consulting


Moovly has been a great and helpful platform for all my L&D Initiatives.

At first, I was quite hesitant on using the platform since I have less knowledge on how to navigate and use the platform in creating videos. But through the help guide and tutorial videos, I am already on my 10th project.

The customer service online has been helpful for all my inquiries and issues.

I am happy to have Moovly.


Jason Jocson

L&D Manager @ Lazada


Game-changer in education!

I use it in my media lessons in primary education, and with just one session of 50 minutes, the children are able to make professional-looking animations. 

The service you get is also top: fast response, plus support is always going the mile for the best assistance.


Jan Lah

IT Coordinator @ Ankerwijs


Moovly is a great way to make educational explainer videos.

It is so easy to learn! Plus, Moovly also has a great help desk. Moreover, you can use Moovly to let your students make videos to check if they have understood your lessons. 

I'm using Moovly for more than 5 years and I am still very satisfied.


Hans Steeman

Expert in ICT and Education


Moovly has been very beneficial to my marketing efforts.

I came to my office one day and decided that I wanted to create some educational videos on the areas of law that I practice, and with Moovly I was able to start producing those within days! 

It's an easy system to use even for folks who are not tech-savvy. And when I had an issue that needed addressing, the staff was quick to respond and correct the issue.

Great service!


Joseph McCleer

Attorney & Owner @ McCleer Law Office


Moovly is a great tool in my arsenal! 

I started using it as a hobby but ended up starting a whole new project that is based on making educational videos in music industry.

Love it because I can access it from anywhere and work on my projects from other devices.

I would definitely recommend it.


Dejan Tachevski

Data Analyst @ MAM


Moovly allowed me to create simple and fun videos with little to no expertise in animation. 

The best part is that there are helpful guides in-app to make sure you are using the different features correctly. It also runs very smooth despite processing very large video files.

Easy to get started, easy to create videos, and the price is relatively low and great when compared to other products on the market.


Perry F.

Market & Communications Manager


Great tool: easy to go and so intuitive. The results are over expectations.

If you are in the design and media business, I strongly recommend it. With only one morning into it, I get enough skills to build a nice presentation for my project.


Xavier Serra

GeoApp's Developer @ Thigis


I love Moovly. Enchanting experience browsing your page.

They are always attentive to the needs and queries of the client.

I recommend it!


Victoria Federico



A couple of years ago I used the free version with great results. Now, I needed it again and didn't even doubt to get the PRO version.

I have tried other similar online solutions, and for me, Moovly is the best. Very good value. Very good customer and support service too.


David Sanchez

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