Your business needs video ads

The numbers don’t lie, and the simple fact is that companies that adopt video in their marketing and advertising strategies are more successful. Not convinced? We created a handy blog for you with all the facts and figures as to why your company needs a video advertising strategy. Click here to find out more!

$7K with an agency or $500 with Moovly?

Stop wasting time and money on your video production and leave more for video marketing actions later on. With Moovly, it’s easy to create professional and cost-effective videos in no time. Want to know how to make videos while having 3x more budget left for promotions or create 2 campaigns with a higher active spend?

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Video advertisement examples

Check out these examples of adverts inspired by large companies, but made in Moovly for a fraction of the cost. Small businesses can advertise themselves just like larger companies, without those expensive video agency fees!

Example One: “Chico’s Chop House”

On the right, a video inspired by the restaurant “Outback Steakhouse”, and a similar version created for “Chicos Chophouse” using Moovly!

Example Two: “Golden Gate Pale Ale”

Inspired by Guinness, this advert was created for a beer brand to showcase a new product. Check out this fine example of the type of advertising video you can create using Moovly!

Create your own video ad using Moovly!