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Create an engaging explainer video, business presentation, or training videos with Moovly. It's easy, convenient, and cost-efficient. 

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Moovly enables brand-aligned video creation based on your company's branded multimedia assets, fonts, and colors to:

  • inform and train your employees, 
  • announce changes,
  • deliver an event invitation,
  • showcase company updates.

Find a plan that suits you:

Free Trial: start with your first video and try Moovly for free

Pro:  an individual subscription for HD video creation

Enterprise: full customization, group management, DAM integration, and custom libraries

Moovly is trusted by millions of users in organizations like:

Video as a go-to in internal communications.

Strengthen engagement with one of your most important audiences - your employees. Use a video to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest news. Foster an emotional connection through on-boarding videos. Ensure a consistent message and unifying experience with training videos.

Know the golden rule: "Show. Don't tell." 

Videos for HR.

Interested to satisfy your current employees and create an engaging and meaningful working environment?

Start making videos to:

  • showcase your company culture
  • advance the company's onboarding with training videos
  • increase interactivity through collaborative video creation,
  • integrate informational videos to share the corporate announcements, or simply,
  • incorporate a video on the website.

Videos for IT.

Want to provide unified information to numerous employees in one go?

Create videos to:

  • explain the use of IT tools through tutorial videos
  • describe security guidelines in an explainer video,
  • integrate update videos to share the department news.

Videos for Learning & Development.

Interested to improve efficacy and quality of training, as well as reduce training costs?

Start creating videos to:

  • provide additional training with instructional videos,
  • reflect on the progress of the organization through company leader's video presentation
  • generate video micro-lessons for training reinforcement
  • capture knowledge shared in video reviews.

Videos made in Moovly.

Whether you choose from numerous video templates or start from scratch in our online video editor, you can easily make professional-looking videos to deliver consistent messaging and unified experience.

See what our users say.

Moovly’s video maker helps you to easily create brand-aligned video content, corporate video announcements and training videos, provide additional training resources through micro-learning videos. 


Moovly is unique because of its content creation workflow.

You're not limited to predefined templates and animations but you have a full control over them. Best value for your money!


Ravi Tank

E-Commerce Manager @ Travel Shoppe


Moovly offers the possibility to create in-house videos.

We choose Moovly because it's a user-friendly tool that everyone can easily use in their organization. 


Mylène Lambert 

Digital Marketing Coordinator @ Boiron Canada


It is a robust, full-featured product that is very well priced. 

As a company that only needs to produce a few videos a month, and after days of careful evaluation, I highly recommend Moovly.


Don Winchell

Business/Marketing Consultant @ Prosperity Consulting


Moovly is a good tool to create valuable content, which I can use in my work.

I am creating professional training videos, and my customers really appreciate their quality. 


Wladzio Wladecki

Consultant @
MF Consulting

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