Editable Video Templates
for Enterprises

Easily adapt video templates to explain HR policies, processes and standards to new and existing employees. Use this video content to address any employment matters or present HR updates. 

What can you change in these video templates? 

Change colors

Add voiceover, change music 

Add logos, upload branded assets 

Change pictures or videos

Switch the content order

Add or delete parts

Use this video template to effectively showcase the importance of business ethics, individuals affected and tips on making ethical decisions in your organization.

Adapt this video template to explain boundary-crossing behavior and provide tips to your employees about how to handle harassment situations and getting help. 

Edit this video to communicate to employees how to prepare for their annual appraisal, explaining objectives, evaluation criteria as well as the flow of the review meeting.  

Use this video template to orient new employees, present to them the company, its mission and organizational structure, as well as to communicate their initial work priorities.

Use this video template to explain to employees how to deal with privacy matters, what the GDPR means to them and provide tips on the most important privacy guidelines to respect in daily business.

Adapt this video template to present a new vacancy, provide insights into job requirements and relevant contact details to start attracting the right candidates. 

This customizable video template helps explaining to employees what stress is, along with the tips on how to relieve stress in the workplace.