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Moovly offers a new service of making a stunning video for you. Being delivered in Moovly, this video also gives you a year-long access to an included Pro Yearly subscription that lets you edit the video and create extra content yourself at no additional cost.

Stock video
+ text

$750 - $1000 *

Graphics video
+ text

$900 - $1200 *


$1200 - $2000 *

PowerPoint into a video

$900 - $1200 *

* Indicative Pricing for a 1-minute video (or for turning 5-10 PPT slides into a video)
* Videos can also include your own media assets

What is included?

 A high-quality video made
by Moovly experts at a lower industry price

Ability to edit and adapt the video yourself for a whole year at no additional cost

Pro Yearly subscription, enabling a year-long creation of extra video content

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