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Moovly offers an extra, custom-made video service to users with year-long subscriptions (Pro, Business or Enterprise).
Have your business video project or branded video templates made by our video expert editors.

Stock video
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Graphics video
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PowerPoint into a video

* Videos and templates can also include your own media assets
* Rates are negotiable and start from $2500 for a 1-minute  video (or turning 5-10 PPT slides into video)

What is included?

 A high-quality video or template made by Moovly experts at a lower industry price

Ability to edit and adapt the video yourself for a whole year at no additional cost

Video creation support delivered by the Moovly team at expert level

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Interested to having your video or template created by Moovly's experts? If you are a customer with a Pro Yearly, Business or Enterprise plan, you can!
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Example videos made by Moovly 

Do you want Moovly experts to make a video that showcases your product or service, explains an idea or educates your audience? 

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