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Always in Motion - The Race to Catch Up with Video Creation

Moovly is a Reliable Partner – Now and in the Future.

“Moovly was a win-win for us. You will save so much money, and it has so many customizable options that it’s always a good solution. ”New features are always well received by the team. With its continuously updating functionality, Moovly was able to anticipate Amadeus’ needs before they could even voice them. 

Video creation to educate and maximise sales opportunities

“that brought us to Moovly in the first place. We did some specific research, browsed the web for video automation solutions, and Moovly: came out on top really fast. Moovly helps create video templates really easily and the Google Sheets integration then allows you to personalize these videos in bulk,”


A time-saving solution to mass video production​

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