Connect your DAM to Moovly

If you have a digital asset management (DAM) platform containing your organization’s photo and video assets, illustrations, stock videos or licensed music, you can run Moovly on top of it.

Moovly can integrate with common brand portals, media libraries or media servers, whatever technology they are based on (e.g. Bynder, Webdam, MediaValet…)

A customized or white-labeled Moovly version

Either run an empty version of Moovly using only your own digital asset libraries or combine your assets with the millions of media objects offered by Moovly.

Get a customized or a white-labeled version of Moovly and give it any name you like.

Create your own corporate video templates

Offer your employees your own set of professionally made video templates.

They can customize the templates for their own internal needs while creating content aligned with your brand.


Avoid overspending on video production

Whether you need videos for HR, IT, internal communications, training, marketing or events…

You can save thousands of dollars on external video creation by agencies or freelancers.

Built-in collaboration

Employees can work together on video projects by sharing them with each other for viewing, editing or using each other’s videos as a template for new projects.


Additional workflows and rights can be implemented.

User management and reporting

Moovly provides enterprises with a back-office management application…

That allows group managers to manage user accounts and view user activity reports.

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