8 powerful emotional triggers in Moovly video marketing

8 Powerful Emotional Triggers for Video Marketing

Our emotions play a massive part in how we, as consumers, function. Do you remember any online video or commercial that you couldn't stop talking about? Was it one that made you happy, or perhaps one that made you sad, or one that brought back some golden memories? 

They all have one thing in common: the videos stirred your emotions. Video Makers will use specific words, music and intriguing visuals to help evoke your emotions.  The question however, is what does does it take for you to share the video and increase its appeal? According to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing science, the most shareable videos are the ones that trigger emotions and in particular ones with a strong emotional pull (positive or negative) are twice as likely to be shared than videos that provoke. 

Looking to get started on your video animation? Sign up here and enjoy your free Moovly license. Below is a list of 8 emotional triggers that video makers can use, accompanied by a few of our favorite commercials.

1) Joy

The first emotion we are going to look at is Joy. Most people enjoy watching moments that brighten their day or at least bring a smile to their face. People want to share videos that will evoke positive feelings. Marketers want to take us on an emotional journey that moved us to feel slightly different after watching the video. Take the example video below. The image of the police force in America isn't always positive, so the Lowell Police department set out to change their perception and bring joy all around. 



2) Pride

Some of the greatest marketing campaigns have been created around the idea of making you feel better about yourself. For some people feeling ‘’beautiful’’ in a world with supermodels, sports stars and actors/actresses dominating every tv commercial, billboard and magazine cover can be hard. In recent years, online adverts have taken a different direction, inspiring us to feel great inside and outside. Dove are just one company that are one a mission to boost self-esteem and change the conversation around body image. 



3) Amusement

Is laughter the best medicine? Well it surely can be described as one of the best ways to increase your videos online engagement. People remember online videos that make them laugh, feel happy or cheerful.  Although you may think hilarity may be one of the more straightforward emotional triggers, its much more tricky than you may have originally anticipated. You need to find the perfect balance between making someone laugh and being relevant. The funnier the video tends to be, the more shareable it becomes. 



Australia's Metro created a fun and childish video, without compromising their overall marketing message of being safe around trains. For anyone looking to create an amusing marketing video, remember that their needs to be a relationship with your videos message and your business. 

4) Fear

Another emotion which marketers like to trigger is fear. The most common manner in which marketers use fear is by targeting person's efficacy. Can the viewer do anything about a specific threat or fear? Those that feel they have no control, are likely not to take any action. Instead marketers will identify a fear that already exists, they will empathize with that fear, and finally act to remove that threat with your contribution.



St Johns Ambulance’s powerful advert combined fear and suspense to grip the audience and make them fully aware for on-call emergency care. Not all brands however choose to use a high-fear approach. Everyday consumer products, such as cleaning and hygiene commodities use low-fear appeals to positively influence our buying behaviour. 

You can sign up here for free to get started on your Moovly animation and bring your story to life.

5) Surprise

To a certain degree, surprise is common amongst most online adverts today. To be successful, marketing videos that intend to surprise, usually combine other emotional triggers into one video. Surprises in videos don't have to be major plot twists or unexpected events that shock the viewers. A surprise can simply be informing viewers about a reduction in your prices, or the speed in which you deliver something. Nevertheless, we have chosen a marketing video produced by Guiness, which left us astonished and in some way jubilant, take a look.



6) Affection

Did you know that evoking positive emotions results in a 40% share increase than videos with a negative theme? Although positive and negative videos still result in twice as many shares as provocation videos, when done right, affection videos can instantly go viral. 

Like with many other emotional triggers, you need to find the right balance between a warm display of affection and a sloppy romance.  Rather than the typical relationship, we thought we would show another side of affection, one between a man and his dog. 



7) Uncertainty

Uncertainty is used by businesses to try and get their audience to stop, think and change their behaviour. Marketers want you to rethink what you believe you already know. Adobe released a series of adverts, designed to make their viewers question what their marketing team is actually doing.Take a look at one of the videos in their series ‘’Do You Know What Your Marketing Is Doing?’’ below.



8) Trust

Trust is one of the most desirable emotional triggers for a company. It is one of the strongest marketing trends right now and with almost every brand jumping on the trust bandwagon in their marketing messages. Only once a consumer trusts you, will they repeatedly buy your products or services with minimal cognitive effort. Trust isn't limited to your customers choosing your products or services, it goes much further, trust also means that your customers will go out of their way to persuade others why your brand is the perfect for them. 

Instead of adding a video, we thought we would give you the opportunity to send over your favorite commercial that evokes trust in that brand. Videos that aim to elicit trust appeal to people in different ways. We would love to know what video gained your trust and why?


Now that you have all the emotional triggers, time to get started on your video animation. You can register here to enjoy your free license. Remember start by choosing one primary emotion to trigger and create your animation around it!